Measurement method of the concentration of matter using optical property of seawater in visible wavelength range

  • Arai Rei
    Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engneering
  • Nakatani Naoki
    Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engneering
  • Okuno Taketoshi
    Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engneering

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  • 可視域における海水の光学的特性を用いた物質濃度の計測手法
  • カシイキ ニ オケル カイスイ ノ コウガクテキ トクセイ オ モチイタ ブッシツ ノウド ノ ケイソク シュホウ

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It is known that ocean color depends on contained materials in seawater. It is possible to use it for detecting significant information of sea. Since the reflection and absorbance of light can be expressed by superposing these effects of material and sea conditions, the spectral distribution is in a characteristics matter. In order to separate and extract the information, particularly the material concentration, an appropriate mathematical or physical model can be used for the measurement. As the result of examination on measured data and optical spectrum, it is found that the so-called principal component regression (PCR) method is effective. It gives good result in the case of liner system. The physical model, which is shown by mathematical expression, however, should be need for general case of course.In this paper, the authors have proposed a sophisticate measurement method for materials in seawater, phytoplankton, particle matter (PM) and also chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM), using the PCR method and also the optimization technique of mathematical physics model with quasi-Newton's method. Effectiveness of the present method is shown by several measurements of coastal seawater.



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