Does light repel masked palm civets?

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  • 光照射はハクビシンに対して忌避効果があるのか?

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The damage caused by masked palm civets (Paguma larvata) has increased recently in Japan. To prevent animal damage at night, illuminating devices are widely used. They are also used to the prevent damage by palm civets, although no scientific evidence of their effectiveness has been shown. We examined the behavioral responses of captive palm civets at the time of and immediately after illumination in three illumination conditions (front, side, and above) to verify the efficacy of illumination as a method of damage control. Five of six palm civets ignored or showed interest (i.e., approaching or exploring) in the light source, while one individual showed a weak startle response. Illumination had no effect on behavior, and time was spent near the light source. The present study found the palm civets showed an interest in the light rather than avoiding it. We conclude that illuminating devices have little effect as a method to prevent damage by masked palm civets.


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