Gross embryology of a monotrysian heteroneuran moth, Stigmella castanopsiella Kuroko (Nepticulidae, Lepidoptera) and its phylogenetic significance

  • KOBAYASHI Yukimasa
    Department of Biology, Saitama Medical School:(Present office)Department of Natural History, Faculty of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University

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  • シイモグリチビガの胚発生とその系統学的意義(鱗翅目:モグリチビガ科)
  • Gross embryology of a monotrysian heter

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The formation of the germ disk and embryonic membranes and changes in the shape of the developing embryo of a monotrysian heteroneuran moth, Stigmella castanopsiella, were described for evaluating the systematic position of the family Nepticulidae within the Lepidoptera from the embryological standpoint. The mode of the embryonic development of this species, as a whole, was very similar to that of higher ditrysian species, but differed from that of primitive homoneuran species. In particular, the amnion and serosa of S. castanopsiella were suggested to be formed in the same fault-typed manner as that of ditrysian species, and the embryo of this species developed under the immersed condition in the yolk as commonly observed in ditrysian eggs. These embryonic characters are considered as apomorphic ones shared by the Nepticulidae and Ditrysia, and consequently these embryological findings added further weight to the view that the Heteroneura are monophyletic.


  • Lepidoptera Science

    Lepidoptera Science 47 (3), 194-200, 1996



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