The Species Diversity of the Genus Piper from Thailand

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Species diversity of the genus Piper from Thailand was explored based on the herbarium specimens kept at the BK and compared with the specimens deposited in the BCMU, BK, BKF, NY, PE and SING. Taxonomic keys available in the flora of neighboring countries together with other taxonomic literatures were used for botanical identification. From the investigation, forty species of this genus were identified. Of these, two new species are described: P. maculaphyllum and P. rubroglandulosum. Four species: P. betloides, P. dominantinervium, P. pilobracteatum and P. phuwuaense, in addition with two varieties: P. pedicellatum var. eglandulatum and P. thomsonii var. trichostigma recently reported are included. The other thirty two species recognized are P. argyritis, P. betle, .P boehmeriifolium, P. caninum, P. colubrinum, P. hongkongense, P. khasianum, P. laetispicum, P. lolot, P. longum, P. magnibaccum, P. montium, P. mullesua, P. muricatum, P. mutabile, P. nigrum, P. pedicellatum, P. pendulispicum, P. politifolium, P. polysyphonum, P. retrofractum, P. ribesioides, P. sarmentosum, P. semiimmersum, P. submultinerve, P. sylvaticum, P. sylvestre, P. thomsonii var. thomsonii, P. tricolor, P. wallichii, P. wangii, P. yinkiangense; along with two unknown species: Piper sp. 1 and Piper sp. 2 which may represent new taxa, will be further studied.


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