Proton Transport Properties in Single Crystal of .ALPHA.-Alumina

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  • 新素材:環境・エネルギー材料の新展開  α‐アルミナ単結晶のプロトン伝導特性
  • α-アルミナ単結晶のプロトン伝導特性
  • アルファ アルミナタンケッショウ ノ プロトン デンドウ トクセイ

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The proton transport properties of a single crystal of acceptor (Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) doped α-alumina was surveyed by reviewing our recent works. Here, the dissolution mechanism of hydrogen, the site of proton in the crystal, the value of conductivity, the mobility, and the concentration of defect for α-alumina are discussed. It was clarified that proton is incorporated into acceptor-doped α-alumina and it become the dominant charge carrier under the reducing atmosphere containing hydrogen at 1073-1673 K. Although the proton conductivity was very low, the transport number of proton for α-alumina was larger than the other defect structure-type proton conducting oxide at high temperature region.


  • Journal of MMIJ

    Journal of MMIJ 125 (6/7), 389-394, 2009

    The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan

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