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Powder Neutron Diffraction Study of Layered Perovskite, KCa2Nb3O10

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  • 層状ペロブスカイト KCa<sub>2</sub>Nb<sub>3</sub>O<sub>10</sub> の粉末中性子回折による構造決定

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Crystal structure of a layered perovskite, KCa2Nb3O10, was determined by the Rietveld refinement method for a powder neutron diffraction pattern. The compound crystallizes a monoclinic system with a space group P21/m (No. 11) and lattice parameters of a=0.77418(6) nm, b=0.77073(6) nm, c=1.4859(1) nm, β=97.51(1)°.<br>


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