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Synthesis of Pure AlN Powder by the Floating Nitridation Technique

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  • 浮上窒化反応による高純度AlN粉末の合成
  • フジョウ チッカ ハンノウ ニ ヨル コウ ジュンド AlN フンマツ ノ ゴ

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A pure AlN powder was synthesized continuously at 1150-1500°C by the floating nitridation technique. The nitriding temperature was reduced about 200°C by using N2 as floating gas for Al powder and injecting an N2/NH3 gas mixture at the center of the heating zone. The AlN powder obtained at 1300°C had a size of about 10μm and specific surface area of 24.2m2/g. AlN particles were so brittle that they were easily crushed to below 0.1μm. This AlN powder had good flowability and sinterability, and transparent AlN ceramics were obtained by hot-pressing at 1900°C without any sintering aids. A percentage conversion decreased rapidly with increase in NH3 concentration when an N2/NH3 gas mixture was used as floating gas. The nitriding rate depended strongly on the cracks formed on the particle surface, but not on the diffusion of nitrogen through the surface AlN layer.


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