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Study on deterioration environment of bridges and deterioration prediction of RC slabs in a cold region

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  • 寒冷地における橋梁の劣化環境とRC床版の劣化予測に関する研究


Evaluation of bridge slab deterioration and its degradation prediction based on actual inspection data are dealt with in this paper. To evaluate the slab deterioration, the effects of traffic loads, salt damage, freezing and thawing and so on, are the elements of evaluation. Especially, deterioration of the slab in a cold region is changing with a freezing and thawing action or enlargement of vehicles. Inspection data on the slab may include the effect of those elements and be useful to analyze the magnitude of the effects. Depending upon the analytical results using actual inspection data, overall prediction method of deterioration is investigated and its prediction will be utilized in Bridge Management System (BMS).


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