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<b>The Process and the Reasons Behind the Closure of Special Schools for</b><b> the Blind in 1980s England </b>

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  • <b>1980</b><b>年代イギリスにおける盲学校の廃校とその要因 </b>
  • 1980年代イギリスにおける盲学校の廃校とその要因
  • 1980ネンダイ イギリス ニ オケル モウ ガッコウ ノ ハイコウ ト ソノ ヨウイン

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<p>This paper examined the process and the reasons behind the closure of special schools for the blind in England in the 1980s. While schools were already facing financial difficulties due to the decreasing number of students, the implementation of the 1981 Education Act encouraged the Local Education Authorities to shift towards building their own local provisions rather than sending children with visual impairment to a non-maintained special school. In this situation, school for the blind, which had a clear view on how “healthy schools” should look like, decides to close the school. Behind the closure of special schools for the blind, there were external factors such as the overall decrease in the number of children and the implementation of the 1981 Education Act, but also, internal factors such as the school’s own belief.</p>


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