Globalization and the Connection Between Upper-secondary Education and Higher Education from the Viewpoint of the International Baccalaureate: Focusing on the Impact on Japanese Education

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  • 国際バカロレアにみるグローバル化と高大接続—日本の教育へのインパクトに着目して—
  • 国際バカロレアにみるグローバル化と高大接続 : 日本の教育へのインパクトに着目して
  • コクサイ バカロレア ニ ミル グローバルカ ト コウダイ セツゾク : ニホン ノ キョウイク エ ノ インパクト ニ チャクモク シテ

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<p> The International Baccalaureate is drawing attention as the reform of the connection between upper-secondary education and higher education continues in the global era. This article discusses the impact of IB on Japanese education. To this end, I conducted interviews with school administrators, teachers and students at Article One schools registered as IB schools in Japan. Firstly, IB can be a good way to nurture “new abilities” in the global era. Secondly, IB can give its students useful passports to both international and domestic universities. On the other hand, IB could divide the IB students from the mainstream students. Also, IB could involve Japanese universities in international competition. Parents' educational expectations and financial condition may influence students' access to IB and universities abroad.</p>


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