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The experimental study on perception of some kinds of alarm sounds under the background noise

  • Kanemoto Koichi
    筑波大学大学院 システム情報工学研究科リスク工学専攻 東京慈恵会医科大学 総合医科学研究センター医用エンジニアリング研究室
  • Harada Nakahiro
    フクダ電子株式会社 バセラ学術推進部
  • Furukawa Hiroshi
    筑波大学 システム情報系

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  • 背景雑音中の各種アラームの知覚(聞こえ)に関する実験的検討
  • ハイケイ ザツオン チュウ ノ カクシュ アラーム ノ チカク(キコエ)ニ カンスル ジッケンテキ ケントウ

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This study investigated which alarm sound is easiest to distinguish from the background noise. The experiment measured the perception time of some alarm sounds such as: meaningful verbal alarms, meaningless verbal alarms, pulse sounds and melodic alarms. <br>The intensity of each alarm sound-type was increased stepwise against the level of background noise. It was discovered that the alarm sound could be distinguished when the peak value of the spectrum of the alarm sound was equal to or a little bit larger than the level of the spectrum of the background noise. <br>The sound level required for the different types of alarm sounds to be perceived was investigated. This investigation discovered that the pulse sound and meaningful voice alarm were easy to perceive but general melodic alarms were not easily perceived at the same sound level. It was estimated that a smaller alarm sound could be detected if the characteristics of the alarm sound are designed with the background noise taken into account.



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