Landscape ecology as a tool for understanding “<i>Fudo</i>-the dynamic linkage between environments and human being”

  • Kamada Mahito
    Field of Regional and Environmental Planning, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokushima University

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  • 風土を読み解くツールとしての景観生態学
  • フウド オ ヨミ トク ツール ト シテ ノ ケイカン セイタイガク

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<p>“Fudo” is the Japanese concept indicating a dynamic linkage between environments and human beings. Understanding a structure of Fudo is the essential for designing a rich living place. An aim of the article is to explain how the landscape ecology can be a strong tool for reading a context of Fudo at a target region. First, a philosophical framework of the Fudo is summarized according to literatures written by Tetsuro Watsuji, Augustin Berque and Toshio Kuwako. It is pointed out that Fudo type can be identified through clarifying dynamic and circular relationships of nature-human being-method-tool/technology. And a critical situation of landscapes of Japan is also shown from an aspect of Fudo. The situations indicate a necessity of landscape design with a concept of the Fudo; future landscape should be designed on a base of history of the place. Finally, some actual cases, how the landscape ecology is used in a process of deciphering the structure and process of Fudo, are shared.</p>



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