Boron Measurement Technique for the Source Discharge and the Atmospheric Environment

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  • 大気中のホウ素化合物の工場発生源排出濃度及び周辺環境濃度測定方法の検討
  • タイキ チュウ ノ ホウソ カゴウブツ ノ コウジョウ ハッセイ ゲン ハイシュツ ノウド オヨビ シュウヘン カンキョウ ノウド ソクテイ ホウホウ ノ ケントウ

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The concentrations of boron gas in the exhaust gas and in the atmosphere were measured after the removal of particles by a teflon filter with a pore size of 0.2μm . The temperature of the filter was kept at 130°C for the sampling of exhaust gas to prevent sublimation of boron compounds, while it was kept at the atmospheric temperature for the sampling of the atmospheric air. The gas-phase boron compounds was absorbed with the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in the absorption bottle made by polypropylenes.<BR> The measurement method by the use of ICP-MS has been established by improving many points to avoid contamination, which lowered the quantitation limit to the level of a 0.5μg/m3.


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