Optimal Trajectory of Powered Descending Phase with Coasting for Smart Lander for Investigating Moon

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  • 小型月着陸実証機の動力降下時におけるコースティングを含む最適降下軌道


<p>This paper is on optimal trajectory of future lunar lander with coasting in powered descending phase. For the light weight/low cost lunar lander, optical navigation using onboard cameras to identify their current state is one of very few techniques available to achieve the pin-point landing. The optical navigation is to be operated between the powered descending phases, when the orbital maneuvering engine (OME) is turned off. This paper shows the series of different coasting conditions and discusses the effect of the coasting to the trajectory and fuel consumption. The results give some ideas for future gravitational planetary missions, which uses coasting during their powered descending phase. In addition, optimal trajectory with double coasting for the SLIM project is shown in this paper.</p>


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