Economic Evaluation of the Ecological Breakwater at Mishima-Kawanoe Port by CVM and FSM Method

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  • 仮想評価法とファジィ構造モデルを用いた三島川之江港エコ防波堤の事業評価
  • カソウ ヒョウカホウ ト ファジィ コウゾウ モデル オ モチイタ ミシマ カワノエコウ エコ ボウハテイ ノ ジギョウ ヒョウカ

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The ecological breakwater constructed at Mishima-Kawanoe Port in Ehime Prefecture in 2005. This study presents results of questionnaire surveys using Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) and Fuzzy Structural Modeling (FSM) method relevant to Willingness to pay (WTP) of Eco-breakwater. The structure of the various effects of Eco-breakwater is established by FSM method, which is an equation of calculating the total WTP of various effects by eliminating double counts. The B/C ratio is calculated as more than 7.0 by using CVM and FSM method, showing social significance on installation of Eco-breakwater.



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