Collection and analysis of cases of emergency response for natural disaster to develop business continuity plan in port and harbor

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  • 港湾の業務継続計画策定に向けた災害時応急対応事例の収集と分析
  • コウワン ノ ギョウム ケイゾク ケイカク サクテイ ニ ムケタ サイガイジ オウキュウ タイオウ ジレイ ノ シュウシュウ ト ブンセキ

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The problems on restoration activities were extracted from analysis of the past natural disaster cases in port and harbor. They were arranged separately for five important resources to continue business, "person", "facility", "information and communication", "lifeline" and "cooperator". The followings are considered as necessary matters for business continuity in port and harbor; 1) Staff and assistant's roles should be clarified from prior. 2) The feature of business continuity in the port is well understood. 3) Important data of the design data etc. should be kept in two or more places. 4) Temporary depository space of rubbles is secured. 5) It is necessary to examine about the cooperation method of a municipality and related organizations.



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