Numerical Simulation of Fluid Force acting on Solids placed in Unidirectional Flow

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  • 一方向流中に設置された固体群に作用する流体力に関する数値計算
  • イチホウコウリュウ チュウ ニ セッチ サレタ コタイグン ニ サヨウ スル リュウタイリョク ニ カンスル スウチ ケイサン

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There is few research on fluid force acting on solids and turbulent flow in a pore of porous media because of the difficulty of measurement in experiments. In order to get fundamental knowledge of them, 2-D unidirectional fluid flow is investigated numerically using the Immersed Boundary method, which rigorously satisfies with the boundary condition on the solid surface with Cartesian grid and Lagrangian grid. Calculation results on pressure drop through circular cylinders reasonably agree with experimental formula by Ergun. In addition, fluid force acting on each cylinder, which varies markedly in time and space, is also presented.


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