Conditions of Commercial Accumulation in City Centers Resulting from Authorized Central District Revitalization Basic Plans by Industry Composition

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  • 業種構成からみた中心市街地活性化基本計画認定都市における商業集積状況


<p>This study used “commercial accumulation statistics” derived from micro geodata to analyze and examine how commercial and service industries have accumulated within the basic planning area of central district revitalization basic plans. The results showed that local governments with smaller population sizes tend to have higher concentrations of commercial and service industries within the basic planning area. Additionally, the conditions of accumulation differ depending on the type of industry: where higher-level industries tend to accumulate, the proportion of those used on a daily basis is lower. Moreover, the composition of industries in the basic planning area varies by region, can be categorized into groups, is related to the population size of municipalities, and has unique characteristics based on geographical distribution.</p>


  • E-journal GEO

    E-journal GEO 13 (1), 127-139, 2018

    The Association of Japanese Geographers


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