Study on the Research Literatures of e-books and thier Business

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  • 電子書籍およびその事業に関する研究文献の調査研究


The history of e-books has been around for about 30 years.In recent years the spread of the Internet has greatly expanded e-books. Manufacture and salse of e-books themselves are established as business. For that reason, many discussions have been conducted since the appearance of electronic books. We classify the generation of e-book business based on contents, distribution form and transition of content reproduction device. And we proposed ways to analyze the characteristics of e-books and their businesses based on the generations. In this paper, we analyzed what kind of research literature has been published for each generation.As a result, characteristics of literature for each generation which can be categorized by whether it relates to the content itself, its peripheral technology, production related to publication or consumption, were observed.



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