The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Its Applications to University Education

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  • 多重知能理論とその大学教育への応用
  • —アクティブラーニング設計原理としての多重知能理論の可能性—
  • The Possibility of the Design Principle for Active Learning in Terms of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences


The appearance and present situation regarding the spread of the theory of multiple intelligences are explained, and its applications are also reviewed. In particular, for the applications to university education, the applications to portfolio assessment and active learning are discussed. In terms of the questionnaire analysis of extracurricular activity in the form of externships, it is shown that the analysis based on the theory of multiple intelligences is valid, and the 'BA' model for educational activities is proposed. Finally, all students are shown to approach the flow state of Csikszentmihályi in a quantitative manner.


  • IEICE ESS Fundamentals Review

    IEICE ESS Fundamentals Review 11 (4), 266-287, 2018

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers


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