Collective Behavior of Magnetic Particles in a Magnetic Field Studied by DEM

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  • DEMを用いた磁性粉体力学挙動の微視的検討


Abstract - This study aimed to elucidate mechanical behavior of bundle clusters which are composed of magnetic particles using DEM (Discrete Element Method). A commonly used particle-wise magnetic interaction in a uniform magnetic field was introduced in the 3D DEM code. First, a single straight chain of the particles subjected to extension or shear was simulated, and the results were verified with the theoretical formula for the particle chain of infinite length derived by Furst and Gast. Then, the simulation result of the single chain was validated with the experimental results of 1.5 mm steel balls chain. Finally, a series of shear tests of bundle clusters of a magnetic powder formed between magnetic plates were performed, and the observed shear strength was compared with the experimental results by Oshima. It was found that (1) the mono-disperse powder exhibits 25% higher shear strength than that of normal size distribution, (2) the shear strength is correlated with the average angle of the bundle clusters, and (3) the major axis of the contact normal distribution within the bundle clusters also coincides with the bundle cluster orientation.



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