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An analysis of the formation of Jikishinkage-ryū in relation to its lineage and transmission


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  • 直心影流の成立とその伝系及び伝承に関する一考察
  • ヒタゴコロ エイリュウ ノ セイリツ ト ソノ デンケイ オヨビ デンショウ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ

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The aim of this study is to clarify as much as possible the process of formation of the Jikishinkage-ryū, and by comparing that to the lineage and transmission from after its formation, to show how it has changed. Specifically, we verified whether the lineage and transmission mentioned in the scrolls written after the Jikishinkage-ryū’s formation agree with those in the formation process. First, we examined the lineage and transmission in the scrolls written after the formation of Jikishinkage-ryū, and analyzed the formation process to clarify rewritten points in its lineage. We clarified the following six points:<BR>1.Yamada Heizaemon Mitsunori referred to himself as the second generation head of Jikishinseitō-ryū, not Jikishinkage-ryū. Therefore, it is after Naganuma Shirōzaemon Kunisato that Jikishinseitō-ryū was renamed Jikishinkage-ryū. This means there is a discrepancy between the period of the Jikishinkage-ryū’s formation and its transmission.<BR>2.Multiple discrepancies regarding names and meanings can be spotted between historical materials written by the people mentioned in the lineage of Jikishinkage-ryū, and the transmission mentioned in the scrolls written after Jikishinkage-ryū was formed. This indicates that parts of the transmission were rewritten after the formation of Jikishinkage-ryū.<BR>3.It is in the “Jikishinkage-ryū Mokuroku Kudensh” (Catalogue of techniques and oral transmission of Jikishinkage-ry) by Naganuma Shirōzaemon Kunisato that Matsumoto Bizen-no-Kami was first recognized as the founder of Jikishinkage-ryū.<BR>4.The Enpi kata of Shinkage-ryū that originates from Kage-ryū can also be confirmed in the catalogue of techniques of Shinshinkage-ryū, although written with different kanji. Therefore, Shinshinkage-ryū can be said to have been affected by Kage-ryū via Shinkage-ryū.<BR>5.The name and meaning of each school (ryū) found in the lineage of Jikishinkage-ryū were interpreted with the consideration that the tradition bestowed by the deity of martial arts was inherited from generation to generation. This was from Matsumoto Bizen-no-Kami, the founder, to Yamada Heizaemon Mitsunori, who changed the name of the school to Jikishinkage-ryū.<BR>6.It is after Naganuma Shirōzaemon Kunisato that the colophon “Kashima Shinden,” which shows that the style was bestowed by the deity Takemikazuchi, started to be used. It is also after Kunisato that Takemikazuchi was recognized as the originator of the school.


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