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Dynamics between the Local Ban and Globalization

  • Kim Sungmin
    東京大学大学院学際情報学府博士課程 日本学術振興会特別研究員

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  • 「ローカルな禁止」と「グローバル化」の力学
  • 「ローカルな禁止」と「グローバル化」の力学--1980年代韓国における「日本大衆文化禁止」と国際著作権問題
  • ローカル ナ キンシ ト グローバルカ ノ リキガク 1980ネンダイ カンコク ニ オケル ニホン タイシュウ ブンカ キンシ ト コクサイ チョサクケン モンダイ
  • –Influences of the International Copyright Law on the Ban on Japanese Popular Culture in Korea in the 1980s–
  • ――1980年代韓国における「日本大衆文化禁止」と国際著作権問題――

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“The ban on Japanese popular culture”, which had been formed in the intersection between “Japan as a historical memory” and “Japan as cultural experience” was a phenomenon that existed because of “the local” particularity of the relationship between Japan and Korea. In the 1980s, in response to strong pressure from the U.S. government, Korean society began to recognize the culture industry anew by joining the Universal Copyright Convention. This meant fundamental changes to the structure of the ban, since Japanese popular culture, which had been distributed and consumed in Korea spite of “the ban”, became the subject of protection by the “global” legal system.


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