Socioeconomic Evaluation of Transit Oriented Development using a Detailed Spatial Scale CUE Model in Taiwan


In Asian and ASEAN countries, there are many urban development plans based on the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The Computable Urban Economic (CUE) model, which enables simultaneous evaluation of urban and transportation development, is one of the major approaches for estimating the effects of a development plan based on TOD. However, these effects have been difficult to evaluate, especially in Asian and ASEAN countries apart from Japan, owing to the lack of public data on geographic land use by small zone units. We have estimated a detailed spatial scale land use dataset by using satellite images. This enables land use classification on an appropriate scale for the evaluation of TOD. This paper describes the evaluation results of the development plan of Taoyuan City, Taiwan that was carried out by building a detailed spatial scale CUE model based on data and our estimation approach.


  • Asian Transport Studies

    Asian Transport Studies 4 (3), 565-584, 2017

    Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies



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