The Position of <i>adhyavasāya</i> in the <i>Pramāṇavārttikasvavṛtti</i>

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  • 『プラマーナ・ヴァールティカ』自註におけるadhyavasāyaの位置づけ
  • 『プラマーナ・ヴァールティカ』自註におけるadhyavasayaの位置づけ
  • 『 プラマーナ ・ ヴァールティカ 』 ジチュウ ニ オケル adhyavasaya ノ イチズケ

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<p>This paper considers the usage of the term adhyavasāya found in Dharmakīrti’s Pramāṇavārttikasvavṛtti. First, I provide a rough classification of the ways in which the term is used in the text. Then I discuss the ways in which adhyavasāya functions, paying attention to the terms kārya, vyavahāra, and vāsanā. Most of the examples refer to situations in which appearance in knowledge is assumed to be an external reality. There are examples in which they are rephrased as ineffective and effective things, but the meaning of all examples is the same. There are no exceptions. That adhyavasāya is used in passage about pradhāna which is not accepted by Buddhists, shows that adhyavasāya is used with reference to all existence, and that it is a universal function in the linguistic representation of human beings and vikalpa.</p>



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