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On the Meaning of the Word <i>Sarvatraga</i> in the <i>Sarvatraga-anuśaya</i>

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  • 遍行随眠における「遍行」の語義について
  • ヘンコウズイミン ニ オケル 「 ヘンコウ 」 ノ ゴギ ニ ツイテ

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<p>The aim of this paper is to determine the original meaning of the word sarvatraga in the sarvatraga-anuśayas in the Sarvāstivādin doctrine of the anuśayas. Although sarvatraga-anuśayas are attested in the *Vijñānakāya-śāstra (Chi. Shishen zu lun 識身足論), four different doctrinal interpretations are made concerning sarvatraga, which literally means “going/functioning everywhere,” in the *Mahāvibhāṣā (Chi. Posha lun 婆沙論). Based on these interpretations, and on the position the sarvatraga-anuśayas hold within the framework of the darśanaheya-anuśayas (the contaminants to be eliminated by realizing the four noble truths), I consider the following two to be the possible original meanings of sarvatraga: “having all the sāsrava-dharmas (all the contaminated dharmas) as its object-support” and “having all the five categories of dharmas (all the dharmas from the duḥkhadarśanaheya-dharmas to the bhāvanāheya-dharmas) as its object-support.” Demonstrating that the latter meaning is secondary as it generally occurs in contrast to the asarvatraga-anuśayas that have as their object-support the svanikāya-dharmas (the dharmas belonging to the same category as these anuśayas), I have concluded that the notion of sarvatraga as having all the sāsrava-dharmas as its object-support is the original meaning.</p>


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