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Some Problems of the Tantra Classification of the <i>Ḍākinīvajrapañjara</i>

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  • <i>Ḍākinīvajrapañjara</i>所説のタントラ分類をめぐる諸問題
  • Dakinivajrapanjara所説のタントラ分類をめぐる諸問題
  • Dakinivajrapanjara ショセツ ノ タントラ ブンルイ オ メグル ショ モンダイ

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<p>This short paper focuses on some problems on the Tantra classification of the Ḍākinīvajrapañjara. The Tantra classification of the Ḍākinīvajrapañjara is sometimes misinterpreted as having five classes—Kriyā, Caryā, Yoga, Yogottara, and Yoganiruttara—since the Āmnāyamañjarī written by Abhāyākaragupta quotes such forms. However, in the original sentence, Caryā is not included in this classification. Consequently, such a difference had most likely been caused by Abhayākaragupta’s modification. As a result of comparison with other classifications, we discover that this Tantra classification not including Caryā is unique to the Ḍākinīvajrapañjara.</p>



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