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Tasks of Sociology of the School

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  • 学校社会学の展望
  • 学校社会学の展望-学校機能論を中心に-
  • ガッコウ シャカイガク ノ テンボウ ガッコウ キノウロン オ チュウシン ニ
  • A Study of School Flunctions
  • 学校機能論を中心に

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Contemporary tasks of sociology of the school need to be placed in the context of the problems related to movements towards new types of schools and school reforms which are being proposed and implemented in various ways. The central problem among may be the functions of schools.<BR>It is necessary that this problem, although it has been studied since the end of World War II, be re-examined at them new dimensions in the light of the recent orientation towards emphasizing quality of life and person, which appeared as a result of changes in the nature of economic development from'rapid'to'stable'one.<BR>The following may be such new dimensions: humanizing the schools se as to increase self-actualization of pupils; schools as a place for learning to learn in the system of lifelong education; community schools as structurally and functionally related with home and out-of-school education.



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