Analysis of Elasto/Visco-Plastic Dynamic Response of General Thin Shells by Means of 0verlay Model

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The numerical analysis of the elasto/visco-plastic dynamic response of general thin shells to arbitrary loads is carried out by means of the elasto/visco-plastic overlay model, which is able to express the Bauschinger effect and the strain rate dependence. Namely, Perzyna's equation is used for the constitutive relation of each layer of the overlay model and as a whole, the Bauschinger effect and the influence of viscosity in the plastic range of the material are taken into account. The equations of motion derived from Sanders' nonlinear theory for thin shells by adding the inertia terms are used, and the relationships between strains and displacements where rotations of the shell are considered for the membrane strains are employed. The basic differential equations derived are numerically solved by the finite difference method. As a numerical example, a cylindrical shell under a semisinusoidaI external load with respect to time is analyzed, and the results are compared with those in the case of isotropic hardening.



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