Elasto/Visco-Plastic Deformation of Multi-Layered Shells of Revolution

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This paper is concerned with an analytical formulation and a numerical solution of the elasto/visco-plastic problems of multi-layers shells of revolution under asymmetrical loads with application to a cylindrical shell. The analytical formulation is developed by extending Sander's theory on elastic shells. It is assumed that the total strain rates are composed of an elastic part and a part due to visco-plasticity. The elastic strains are proportional to the stresses by Hooke's law. The visco-plastic strain rates are related to the stresses by Perzyna's equation. As a numerical example, the elasto/visco-plastic deformation of a two-layered cylindrical shell composed of a titanium computations are carried out for three cases of the ratio of the thickness of the titanium layer to the shell thickness. It is found from the computations that stress distributions and deformation vary significantly depending on the thickness ratio.


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