The carbon dioxide laser in head and neck surgery


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  • 頭頸部外科領域におけるCO<SUB>2</SUB>-LASERの応用

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The carbon dioxide surgical laser has initially been introduced to our clinical practice in Sept., 1977; since then, we have used two types of the CO2 surgical laser unit (Coherent CO2 surgical laser system 400 and Pentax SLC-1 surgical laser).<BR>We have experienced 167 patients with neoplastic lesions or non-neoplastic diseases in the aerodigestive tract or head and neck region, and treated them almost successfully with above mentioned CO2 surgical laser units, although there have been some problems or limitations in the treatment of the head and neck malignancies.<BR>As experience accumulated in the absence of significant complications in the CO2 laser surgery, our special concern has been directed to the treatment of the head and neck malignancies with the CO2 laser surgery. As of August 1980, the CO2 laser has been used in 47 patients with head and neck cancers of various portions and the total number of operations has been close to 90.<BR>In this paper an analysis of effectiveness of the CO2 laser surgery in these 47 patients was made as compared with the conventional surgical procedures, and advantages and disadvantages of the CO2 laser surgery were discussed in connection with evaluation of the CO2 surgical laser instruments now available.


  • Nippon Laser Igakkaishi

    Nippon Laser Igakkaishi 1 (1), 160-167, 1980

    Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine


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