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On Developmental Coordination Disorder in School Children


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  • 学校の中の発達性協調運動障害について
  • Problems with Visual Efficiency in Reading
  • 視覚効率から見た読みの問題


There are children who show difficulties in motion functions although they are not backward in intellectual ability or language, and they do not have a disease related to motion functions including important sense disorder or paralysis, etc. This disorder is called Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), which causes troubles in learning and everyday activity of children. It has been the latest that the disorder recognized as the word “clumsy” up to now came to be recognized as an independent disorder among international official classification system.<BR>In this paper, as an influence to DCD learning, we will mention about cooperative motion problems of eyeballs and reading ability and we will introduce research results that it is confirmed that more than half of children with difficulty in reading ability have problems with cooperative motion of an eyeball. In addition, it is reported that the problems with these cooperative motions cause a decline secondly in self recognition or social competence, and we think psychological education support is greatly necessary for each one.


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