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  • 物語産出における人称表現の役割
  • モノガタリ サンシュツ ニ オケル ニンショウ ヒョウゲン ノ ヤクワリ

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A personal expression indicates a position of the person who tells the story, that is whether he is involved in the story or not. The 1st person: he stands inside of the story and is a teller. The 3rd person: a teller stands outside. In order to make use of the personal expression as a clue to a deeper story comprehension, the purpose of this study is to investigate what kind of knowledge is related with the position of the teller. Subjects (76 university students) are asked to produce a sequel of the beginning of a story which implies that the protagonist suffers adversity. Ss are given two types of the beginnings whose protagonist is written in the lst-or 3rd-person. The major results are as follows: 1) The number of phrases is larger in the lst-person type, but the frequency of the movement is smaller. 2) The lst-person type produces more on mental states, while the 3rd-person type produces more on action. 3) Moreover, the substance of productions differs in the way of solving the problem.


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