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Friction Characteristics and the Grinding Performances of the Grinding Wheel Containing Nanodiamond


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  • ナノダイヤモンド添加砥石の摩擦特性および研削性能
  • ナノダイヤモンド テンカ トイシ ノ マサツ トクセイ オヨビ ケンサク セイノウ

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<p>In this paper, we introduce the friction characteristics and the grinding performance of the grinding wheel containing nanodiamond and show examples of ultra-smooth planar processing and shape processing of materials that are difficult to grind precisely and efficiently. Concretely, 0.01 to 4.9 wt. % nanodiamond aqueous solution showed a low friction coefficient, and grinding wheel containing nanodiamond was effective for improving the surface roughness of various glass, cemented carbide and sapphire. By combining the grinding wheel containing nanodiamond with ELID grinding and ion-shot dressing method, it was possible to obtain the mirror surface of the injection needle using only water. Compared to the current materials, those ground needles have become possible to reduce the puncture resistance.</p>


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