A Study on the Characteristics of Collision Avoidance for a Vessel Underway in a Traffic Flow

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  • 船舶交通流中を航行する船舶に対する避航操船特性
  • センパク コウツウリュウ チュウ オ コウコウ スル センパク ニ タイスル ヒコウソウセン トクセイ

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The characteristics of collision avoidance for a vessel which is underway in a traffic flow area are compared with the characteristics of collision avoidance in a random traffic area. Here, the traffic flow area does not mean an artificial fairway. It means an area in which a traffic flow is generated by geographical conditions and by the origin and/or the destination of vessels. International Marine Simulator Forum (IMSF) studied the standard characteristics on collision avoidance in a random traffic area in 2006. In this study, the results of lookout to target vessels were analyzed. The authors have also carried out the same kind of experiment. In this study, the authors set a traffic flow in the ship-handling simulator and captains and officers on watch have carried out the scenario and the followings have been verified. In case of detection range of the target, specific differences in each water area have not been appeared. But even if the own vessel is the give-way vessel, they assume that the target vessel in a traffic flow will alter her course along the traffic flow and then they get behind in their judgment on collision avoidance maneuver. This issue results from not seafarers' competence but navigational environment.



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