Library service using LinkResolver at RaQualia Pharma Inc.

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  • ラクオリア創薬株式会社におけるリンクリゾルバを活用した情報提供について
  • ラクオリアソウヤク カブシキ ガイシャ ニ オケル リンクリゾルバ オ カツヨウ シタ ジョウホウ テイキョウ ニ ツイテ

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RaQualia Pharma Inc. is the innovative research and development-based life sciences company which was founded in 2008. The library services including subscription of information resources started from with a few staff and small budget. But this was a good opportunity to build new digital library environment that increases in quantity of the collection of digital resources and reduces physical resources dramatically. LinkResolver was introduced as one of the key applications which allows users to access electronic journals and printed Japanese materials. However original LinkResolver has several issues in aggregator e-journals which we subscribe, because it does not cover latest issues (embargo). This paper presents the library services in RaQualia Pharma Inc., and our customized LinkResolver system which makes document delivery service more cost-effective and efficient.



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