Global Governance and European Governance

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  • グローバル・ガヴァナンスとヨーロッパ・ガヴァナンス
  • グローバル・ガヴァナンスとヨーロッパ・ガヴァナンス--政治学から
  • グローバル ガヴァナンス ト ヨーロッパ ガヴァナンス セイジガク カラ
  • Political Science Approach
  • ―政治学から―

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I focus on the Governance beyond the nation state form the viewpoint of the participatory governance. Participatory governance aims at solving societal problems by the diverse actors, or creating societal opportunities. Global governance is a mixture of different modes of policy coordination. It is composed of the system of intergovernmental policy coordination and of policy coordination by the transnational institutions and networks. Global governance emphasizes the non-hierarchical mode of policy coordination. On the other hand, European governance is composed of the system of the hierarchical policy coordination by the supranational institutions and of the non-hierarchical policy coordination by the intergovernmental and transnational networks. It is the multi-level governance under the shadow of the hierarchical regulation. The new governance raises the difficult question of democratic legitimacy. It requires the deliberative democracy and the good political results. European governance is a component of global governance and suggests the possibility of global governance.


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