Radioprotection and Antitumor Effect by β-D-glucan


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  • β-D-glucanの放射線防護効果と抗がん効果に関する研究

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Purpose: In this study, we reviewed an immunological enhancement effect, radiation protection effect and anticancer action for β-glucan (EF 2001) which was quality of natural product.<br>Methods: We divided an experimental group into control group, β-glucan treated group and 2Gy irradiation group and β-glucan + 2Gy irradiation group in total four groups. We used an SOD activity detection kit as an antioxidation experiment and tested it. We performed CD4, CD8 and CD16 analysis by flow cytometry as analysis of T lymphocyte. In addition, we examined activity of natural killer cell.<br>Result: The measurement of number of leukocytes revealed increase of leukocytes of a β-glucan treated group in comparison with control group. In addition, a radiation protection effect was seen in β-glucan+2Gy irradiation group after irradiation with lymphocyte counts. In the SOD-like active measurement, a rise was seen in a β-glucan treated group. In CD4, CD8 and CD16 measurement, remarkable increase of a β-glucan treated group was seen for control group. A killer cell and increase of suppressor T cell are thought about in β-glucan in this study.<br>Conclusion: Therefore, it is thought that there is anticancer action by a β-glucan intake by activation of a factor about attack to cancer cell. Immune therapy will attract attention in treatment for cancer in future. Therefore, we think that we must do a search of the target which is specific for cancer in treatment for cancer and basic researches of immune therapy from the genetic side.


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