3D Rough Reconstruction of Buildings from Streetscape Binocular Stereo Image

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  • ステレオ法を用いた街並み画像からの建物の3D概略復元
  • ステレオホウ オ モチイタ マチナミ ガゾウ カラ ノ タテモノ ノ 3D ガイリャク フクゲン

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In this paper, an approach to reconstruct 3D shape of the buildings by using binocular stereo method is proposed. Firstly, the 3D distance of outlines for buildings is estimated. The binocular stereo method has a problem that not keeping optical axes parallel leads to serious error. Therefore, the camera model considering camera rotation is proposed in order to revise the error. Then the planes constructing the building are extracted from the combination of outlines of buildings, and the shape of building is estimated from these planes. To show the efficiency of the proposed method, the reconstruction experiment is performed for both the streetscape images of miniature models and the buildings. Consequently, the extraction of planes from miniature models was achieved. Further, the 3D distance of outlines for buildings was successfully estimated, and the efficiency of the proposal camera model was confirmed.


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