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Transition of Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen

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  • 深セン市における大芬油画村の変遷
  • シンセンシ ニ オケル ダイフンユガムラ ノ ヘンセン

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<p>Since1989, about 60% reproduction paintings in the word are produced in Dafen village (Shenzhen) and exported to all over the world. In 2004, Dafen oil painting village was registered by Chinese government and got support from the central government and Shenzhen government as a successful example of "cultural industry". Influenced by the world financial crisis in 2008, Dafen oil painting village also advocated to original creations from a production base of reproduction pictures. This research aims to clarify the changes in the development, management, and policies of Dafen oil painting village. The objective of the research is to consider the state of Dafen oil painting village from the perspective of the Chinese contemporary art. The results show that even if with advocating original creation by the government, because of giving priority to the short-term profit, the boundary of reproduction picture production and original work creation is ambiguous. As an art district managed by government, support is desirable in an art creation and various expressions besides the profit for a policy. To keep the artistry of Dafen as an art district, each administrative structure is shared clearly and the management added to the special quality of both of original work and reproduction picture are necessary.</p>



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