a study on evaluation for the loads of notrogen and phosphorus in a small watershed covered with an artificail forest


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  • 森林小流域における窒素およびリンの流出負荷量の評価に関する研究


To present proper methods for estimating output fluxes of nitrogen (T-N) and phosphorus (T-P) from the watershed, hydrological and hydrochemical survey was conducted in a small watershed covered with an artificial forest of Chamaecyparis Obtusa, Japanese Cypress, over a period of 2-year.<br>To evaluate the reliability of L-Q method during rain events, the fluxes calculated by the method were compared with the measured fluxes during rain events. The result shows that L-Q method underestimates the fluxes of T-P, which constituents most proportion of particulate phosphorus (PTP), during rain events while the calculated fluxes of T-N were fitted well with the measured fluxes. The higher concentration of PTP was, the significantly L-Q method underestimated the fluxes of T-P. Therefore, it is suggested that L-Q method does not properly evaluate the fluxes of PTP during rain events and thus underestimates the annual fluxes of T-P.<br>I developed 2-component model, which calculates each fluxes of dissolved constituent and particulate constituent separately and subsequently sums them, to evaluate proper output fluxes of T-P including runoff characteristics of PTP during rain events. The result shows that the fluxes calculate by the model are fitted better with the measured fluxes than those by L-Q model. Therefore, it is considered that 2-component model describes runoff characteristics of PTP and thus runoff characteristics of PTP need to be taken into account in order to evaluate the proper fluxes of T-P.



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