2001 Guidelines for Chemical Peeling

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  • 日本皮膚科学会ケミカルピーリングガイドライン2001
  • ニホン ヒフ カガクカイ ケミカルピーリングガイドライン 2001

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Chemical peeling is a dermatological treatment for certain cutaneous diseases or conditions or aesthetic improvement; it consists of the application of one or more chemical exfoliating agents to the skin. Recently, in Japan, chemical peeling has become very popular for medical as well as aesthetic treatment. Because the scientific background and an adequate approach are not completely understood or established, medical and social problems have been reported. This prompted us to establish and distribute standard guidelines for chemical peeling. These guidelines include the minimums for the indications, the chemicals used, their applications, associated precautions, and postpeeling care and findings. The principles are as follows. 1) Chemical peeling should be performed under the control and the responsibility of a physician. 2) The physician should have knowledge of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and understand the mechanism of wound-healing. 3) The physician should be board-certified in an appropriate speciality such as dermatology. 4) The ultimate judgement regarding the appropriateness of any specific chemical peeling procedure must be made by the physician in light of all the standard therapeutic modalities which are appropriate for the individual patient.


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