How to teach coaching psychology to undergraduates

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  • 大学においてコーチング心理学はどのように教えられるか
  • 海外動向 大学においてコーチング心理学はどのように教えられるか
  • カイガイ ドウコウ ダイガク ニ オイテ コーチング シンリガク ワ ドノ ヨウ ニ オシエラレル カ

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This paper shows an evidence-based research of teaching coaching psychology to undergraduates. Authors of the original article (Steele & Arthur, 2012) conducted a qualitative research for 27 third-year psychology undergraduate students (9 males and 18 females). Qualitative data was gathered through short interviews with students at the start of 12-week coaching psychology module and personal reflective statements at the end of the module. The students had very little knowledge of coaching psychology prior to completing the module. On completion of the module, however, they had an understanding of how to apply psychological theory of coaching to their future career.


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