Listening education and its effect using Chinese text-to-speech

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  • 中国語合成音利用の聴取教育とその効果
  • 中国語合成音利用の聴取教育とその効果--変わる語学ツールと学習者の受容能力
  • チュウゴクゴ ゴウセイオン リヨウ ノ チョウシュ キョウイク ト ソノ コウカ カワル ゴガク ツール ト ガクシュウシャ ノ ジュヨウ ノウリョク
  • ―Changing language learning tools and learner's acceptability―
  • ―変わる語学ツールと学習者の受容能力―

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Information−communication technology(ICT)progress and rapid expansion of international exchange have a major impact on the educational methods. Especially acquisition of a foreign language is more effective for utilizing ICT and cross−cultural communication environment than other subjects since it requires learners to get a certain level of achievement and to take a practical approach. This paper discusses an educational effect of a listening system using Chinese text−to−speech(TTS)as a case of utilizing ICT in Chinese learning. In the past four experiments, the performance of listening using Chinese TTS is better than the one using natural speech. So TTS is verified to be a reliable material for a listening system. Meanwhile the operation records of TTS sound playback and visual information access in the listening process are analyzed in the correlation with the performance of listening and getting prosody structure, then a learning model of listening using TTS is proposed with reference to the questionnaire result for learners. The function selection conscious of the learner's acceptability is regarded as a common viewpoint for educational usage of ICT.


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