The Feeding Value of Water Hyacinth Silage Added Rice Bran

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  • 米ヌカ添加ホテイアオイサイレージの飼料価値
  • 米ヌカ添加ホテイアオイサイレージの飼料価値〔英文〕
  • コメヌカ テンカ ホテイアオイ サイレージ ノ シリョウ カチ エイブン

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The voluntary intake and the digestibility of nutrients of water hyacinth silage prepared by mixing with defatted rice bran (DRB) or rice bran (RB) were investigated. Each silage included the additives at the rate of 15% of fresh matter, and was given to three Japanese Brown heifers ad libitum, respectively. The chemical component of the DRB and the RB-added silages were 9.5% of DCP and 2.2 Mcal/kg of DE in the former and 8.9% of DCP and 2.2 Mcal/kg of DE in the latter. The quality of both silages was high. Voluntary DM intake was 1.3% of body weight per day in the DRB-added silage and 0.9% in the RB-added silage. The digestibilities of DM were 50.3% for the former and 51.8% for the latter. The voluntary intakes of DM and DE were lower than the requirement for maintenance, but DCP intake was higher than the required.


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