Effects of Cultivar and Processing Method of Rice Grain on Ruminal Disappearance Characteristics

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  • 品種および加工法の異なる飼料米の第一胃内分解特性
  • ヒンシュ オヨビ カコウホウ ノ コトナル シリョウ マイ ノ ダイ1 イナイ ブンカイ トクセイ

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The objective of this study was, by in situ technique, to assess the effect of cultivar and processing method of rice grain on ruminal dry matter, starch and crude protein disappearances, digestion characteristics were measured in 9 cultivars (11 samples), and oat, wheat, flaked-corn as cultivar comparison, and in ground, steam-flaked, crushed, sprouted and brown rice as processing method comparison. The effective degradability of starch in rice grain was higher than that in corn, and lower than that in oat and wheat. The ruminal disappearance characteristics differed depending on the cultivar of rice, the disappearance rate and effective degradability of dry matter, starch and crude protein were highest in Momiroman. And the processing method affected the ruminal disappearance characteristics, the disappearance rate and effective degradability of starch were highest in steam-flaked rice among the processed rice grains. These results indicate that Momiroman is a type of rice with high degradability, and the steam-flaked treatment is the most effective method to digest starch in the rumen for rice grain.



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