Design and Fabrication of Heating-Transferring Equipment for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Sheet

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  • 熱可塑性CFRPシート加熱搬送装置の設計・製作

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<p>A heating-transferring equipment of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheet (CFRTP sheet) for press forming was developed. The functions of heating, transferring and placing the CFRTP sheet onto the die were integrated into the equipment in order to prevent the heated CFRTP sheet from being cooled during transferring. The height of the heater is 50 mm so that it can be inserted between the upper and the lower die when the die is open in order to minimize the distance between the heater and the die. The placing function of the heated CFRTP sheet was realized using the belt conveyor mechanism of combination of heating panel and belt. The heating-transferring equipment can place the CFRTP sheet of 850 mm length, 450 mm width and 3 mm thick onto the lower die within 5 s after heating it up to 260°C. This paper presents details of the function and the mechanism, the result of verification of the performance and the future development of the heating-transferring equipment.</p>


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