Psychology for Olfaction(Application of psychology to engineering,Symposium at the 29th Annual Meeting)


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  • 嗅覚心理学(心理学の工学への応用,第29回大会 シンポジウム)
  • 講演論文 嗅覚心理学
  • コウエン ロンブン キュウカク シンリガク

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Odor hedonics is not consistent among individuals. Making products such that their odor is accepted by any consumer has been very difficult in the industrial world. It is important to know how preference to odors is acquired. One of the reasons for such a diversity of odor hedonics is that it depends on the diversity of its perception. Perceived odor qualities widely range among individuals. It might come from different aspects in the focus of attention to olfactory input. Most odors in everyday-life are a mixture constructed from various odor chemicals. There has been little research investigating how we smell and recognize such complicated bottom-up olfactory information. Moreover olfaction often undergoes an interaction with other sensory modalities. In the present article we report that the shape of the product may affect odor impression.



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