A Study on Grasping "Play" in Early Childhood Care and Education :

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  • 保育における「遊び」の捉えについての一考察
  • 保育における「遊び」の捉えについての一考察--現象学的視座から「遊び」理解の内実を探る
  • ホイク ニ オケル アソビ ノ トラエ ニ ツイテ ノ イチ コウサツ ゲンショウガクテキシザ カラ アソビ リカイ ノ ナイジツ オ サグル
  • ―現象学的視座から「遊び」理解の内実を探る―
  • Exploring the Reality of Understanding "Play" from a Phenomenological Point of View

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The purpose of this study is to clarify how we grasp the concept of "play in early childhood through examining two episodes from the author's experience. The analysis is based on some phenomenological theories, especially those of J. Henriot, M. Merleau-Ponty and F. Kummel. Findings are as follows. First, "play" exists when we name a child's behavior "play" or recognize it to be "play" Second, the above-mentioned action is not only useful but also a cause of "misunderstanding" in my process of comprehension. Third, when I grasp a child's experience, it synchronously transforms my existence. Finally, it is necessary to break away from a tendency of closed perception in order to transcend this misunderstanding and reach a new understanding.


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