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Utsuho Monogatari and "the Sense of a Buddhist Nation" : the Comparison between the Story of the Sea-Drifting of Toshikage and Shunen's Letter Entreating the Voyage to the China of Tang Dynasty


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  • うつほ物語と<仏国土意識> : 俊蔭漂流の物語と〓然入唐願文との比較から
  • ウツホ モノガタリ ト ブッコクド イシキ トシカゲ ヒョウリュウ ノ モノ

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In the world in which the rule of justice is in decline, a neglected intellectual turns to Buddhism. While I see in such a faith the ideal of founding a Buddhist nation reflected, I will also draw attention to the fact that at the end of the story, the protagonist's playing of koto, urged by his feeling of filial love, cancels all the ambitions to found a nation. Concerning the two factors affecting the cultural tenets of Zomatsu, i. e., the sense of a Buddhist nation and the feeling of filial love, I have made a comparative study of Utsuho Monogatari and Chunen's Letter Entreating the Voyage to China written by Yoshishige Yasutane, arguing how these two factors functioned as original forces behind the creation of Utsuho Monogatari.


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